The Brows

The Brows

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Eyebrows are amazing. They can tell a person's story and make that person look surprised, sad, or angry—even if he/she isn't. They can totally change the vibe of a person which is why eyebrows are one of the most important features on our faces. They have been a hot topic for decades, but we can all agree that eyebrows will never go out of style.

So let's look closely at eyebrows and the crucial part they play in our lives.

What are Eyebrows?
Eyebrows are the hair growth above your eyes. They're a part of the body's defense against the sun and thanks to them, sweat flows down the side of your face so it won't go directly into the eye socket.

Not everyone's eyebrows are alike. The growth of an eyebrow can be affected by multiple reasons such as genetics, hormones, stress, aging, over-plucking, or even a poor diet.  But no matter what, you can always make them look better by filling in, trimming them, or shaping them into an eyebrow shape that works for your face.

Hair Cycle of an eyebrow

Eyebrow hairs have a cycle just like other hair on your body. They begin to grow from a follicle under the skin surface at about 20 days old until about 60 days old when they enter into their growth phase called anagen. After growing for several months in this phase they go back into a resting phase called catagen for about 2 weeks before falling out and being replaced by new hairs in another cycle called telogen.

Eyebrows are a BIG deal.

They are so much more than just the little arches above your eyes. They are an important part of the face—they frame your eyes, draw attention to them, and make a statement about you without having to say anything at all. Eyebrows also help frame your nose and mouth by adding more definition between these features.

Though eyebrows are less noticeable than a hairstyle or your fashion style, your brows can make or break the way you look. Without them, it would look like there were two black dots instead of eyes!

Eyebrows through the Decade

Since the dawn of time, eyebrows have been a thing and people have been trying to figure out how to make them look good.

It's no surprise that eyebrow trends have changed over the years—and we're here today to look at some of those trends through history and see how they compare to modern-day beauty standards.

Eyebrows in the 1920s
Eyebrows in the 1930s

The most popular look was to have thin eyebrows that were arched and brushed upwards, creating a sort of “surprised” look. Women who wanted to add more definition would often pencil in their brows with a powdery substance called “penciling".

In the 1930s, eyebrows were plucked and thinned out to give the face a more angular look. In fact, they were shaved or waxed down to the skin.

The trend was driven by the fashion industry, who wanted models to have a more streamlined look. They also believed that this style would make people look younger.

Eyebrows in the 1940s Eyebrows in the 1950s

The 1940s is the era of the great brow when all women wanted to have big and bold, but still feminine and beautiful eyebrows. Women were obsessed with their eyebrows and used every trick in the book to get them looking on fleek.

In the 1950s, eyebrows were big. Marilyn Monroe had them. Grace Kelly had them. And they were often drawn on with a pencil or eye shadow to create a bolder shape and add drama to the face. The ideal brow had a straight line at the top and curved up at the ends, so it was important to use a pencil or an eyebrow brush to create that look.

Eyebrows in the 1960s Eyebrows in the 1970s

In the 1960s, eyebrows were almost always drawn on with heavy black pencil, and they were thick and bushy (but not too bushy).

Eyebrows were typically kept very short—think more like a pencil line than anything else. They were also typically dark brown, which is why many women would end up getting their eyebrows dyed to match their hair color.

The 70s were a time of big hair and bold, colorful makeup. The eyebrow trend was no exception!

Arches were thick and high and penciled in with precision. They often had a slight angle towards the outer corner of the eye, which was considered very alluring at the time.

Eyebrows in the 1980s Eyebrows in the 1990s

The 80s were a time of big hair and even bigger eyebrows. During the decade, the trend was for very large, bushy eyebrows that were often dyed bright colors. The look was popularized by celebrities like Madonna and Cher, who both sported bold, thick brows.

Although the 1990s were all about big hair, bold lips, and shimmery eyeshadow, brows weren't quite as much of a focus. The thin eyebrows of the era were plucked or waxed to create a soft arch, which often finished a little too short at the tail end.

Eyebrows in the year 2000 Eyebrows in 2010

Eyebrows in the year 2000 were all about looking natural.

This was a time when brow products were just starting to emerge, and people were still learning what they could do with their eyebrows. Eyebrows were also quite thin and short, as opposed to today's much bushy and full-looking brows.

In general, the look was very natural and simple—it was all about letting your face's features speak for themselves!

Eyebrows were the most important thing in the year 2010.

The trend of "carved out and overly filled in as well as defined brows" started back then before it became a popular thing to do. The most popular brows at the time were ones that were plucked, then filled in with a pencil brush. This was also when people started using eyebrow gel instead of powder, which is still used today.

The Eyebrows Today...
In today’s trend, brow lamination is in the rage—it's a process where your eyebrows are dyed, reshaped, and put through a machine that makes them look like they've been laminated onto your face. It's like getting a whole new set of eyebrows!

But if you're not into that look or feel like it might be too much for you, there are other options. Natural, bushy, fluffy, and overgrown brows are also in the trend today as women are now choosing to accept their natural brow shape and embrace it.


There are many ways to frame your face, define your eyes and draw attention to them, or make a statement with your eyebrows. You can do whatever you want with them! And if you want a change but aren't sure what to do, take it slow. With all the trends coming in and out through time, there should be no pressure or stress—it is your face, after all, so you can play with it however you want until you achieve the perfect brows for you.


Source: Wishtrend TV | Perfect Eyebrow Shapes for Your Face




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